"The Showcase Supercharge”

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The Velocity Supercharge Community is a place to learn about and implement the training that has developed numerous draft picks and pro/college prospects.  Each month new articles will be released giving an in depth look into our training principles.  There are weekly scheduled Q&A sessions within the Twitter community, as well as articles provided to further each athlete's understanding of the training and development process.  You will need to have a twitter account to access private members only content.


DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT a remote coaching program.  True coaching requires multiple hours per day of in person contact.  THIS IS an opportunity for you to learn.  I will answer as many questions on Twitter Q&As each week as time allows, but many questions will go unanswered.  I don't spend much time online, and I'd suggest you don't either.  If you are looking for coaching, you must come to train with me face to face in Austin, TX.  In person training is very demanding, very expensive, very limited, and not for everyone.  If that is what you are interested in, contact me at the following email address: