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About The Velocity Supercharge
In the summer of 2018, "The Velocity Supercharge" project was launched with the vision of developing baseball athletes into elite level performers.  Our emphasis is on human metabolism and energetic preparation, natural human movement, and the willingness to follow a path less taken.  We strive to develop outliers, the athletes that redefine high level sports performance.

In the past few years, we've worked extensively with multiple athletes that have become 1st and 2nd round MLB Draft selections, with more currently on that track.  We have many athletes (50+) playing high level collegiate baseball.  Our future is focused on providing the path for dedicated athletes to fulfill their highest potential.

What you will learn within our community...
  •  The philosophy behind our training system
  • ​ How to "SUPERCHARGE" your energy levels
  •  What to eat to support high velocity performance
  •  Why it is important to align with nature's rhythms
  • ​ ...and much more