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What is "The Velocity Supercharge"?

"The Velocity Supercharge" protocol is about increasing human energy at the most basic level.  This is where most athletes fail.  They don't have enough energy to support the necessary adaptations to move towards the goals they desire to achieve.  By increasing human energy, we can provide the foundation for true potential to be tapped into.  This protocol addresses the primary elements (natural movement, performance nutrition, and nature's rhythms) that support high level velocity and recovery.  By implementing this protocol we can create a shift into a more robust and dynamic state of being, often allowing for rapid and sustainable improvements in performance and recovery.  

What you will find in this community...

"The Velocity Supercharge" protocol

A year round protocol that can be done alongside any training you are currently doing.  This is NOT a complete training program...this is a protocol that is to be layered on top of other work you are doing to accelerate your velocity gains and recovery.  The focus is on basic natural movement, nutrition to fuel performance, and using nature's rhythms to SUPERCHARGE your performance!!!

Access to our DISCORD community 

  -Live Q&A sessions

  -A community of highly motivated athletes

  -Protocol updates as they are released

*The protocol and community is hosted on the Discord app, so you will need access to Discord to participate.

Who this protocol is for...

  • ​ Athletes that can take a plan and execute on it.
  • ​ Athletes wanting to improve throwing velocity, swing power, and sprint speed.
  •  Athletes that want to learn how to fulfill their potential.

Who this protocol is NOT for...

  •  ​This is NOT a one-on-one customized coaching program.
  •  ​If you need someone to hold your hand throughout the process, this isn't for you.
  •  Athletes in need of therapy or rehab.  If you're in pain, seek a qualified therapist/doctor.
"The Velocity Supercharge"
Case studies

Justin Lange  (New York Yankees)
1st Round MLB Draft Pick 

"I started training with The Velocity Supercharge in June 2019 topping out at 92 mph.  The first time I threw 100 mph off the mound was right after doing a '3 Day Supercharge'.  I had been sitting 95-98 mph the first few high school games of the season.  I implemented the Supercharge at the beginning of the week, and that Friday night game I touched 100 in front of dozens of MLB scouts.  Little did I know COVID would soon end my high school season.  I continued with my training and ended up throwing 101-102 mph in a bullpen in May 2020, propelling myself into the 1st round of the 2020 MLB Draft."

Gavin Turley  (Hamilton HS)
MLB Draft Prospect

"My plan was to firmly put myself on the MLB Draft map at Perfect Game National 2021.  I trained with The Velocity Supercharge from September 2020 leading up to the 2021 summer.  I completed 'The 3 Day Supercharge' leading up to the initial testing day.  I ran my 60 yard dash in 6.29 seconds, threw 97 mph from the outfield, and hit 103 mph exit velocity off the tee.  I became the first player in Perfect Game history to rank in the 99th percentile in all testing categories.  I'm continuing to follow the system as I prepare for my high school senior season leading up to the 2022 MLB Draft."

Trey Frahm  (College of Southern Nevada)
MLB Draft Prospect

"I started implementing The Velocity Supercharge in September 2021.  I was consistently topping 95 mph in game.  After completing a '3 Day Supercharge', I touched 98 mph 4 times in the next game.  I spent the rest of the fall season stabilizing at 95-98.  Over winter break, I combined the work I had been doing with mechanics work from Brian Southworth of Wired Performance.  I did another 3 Day Supercharge and threw 100 mph off the mound in an indoor bullpen.  I'm now using The Velocity Supercharge to prepare for my spring season leading into the 2022 MLB Draft."