"The Velocity Supercharge" 
Training Group
• Access to The Velocity Supercharge protocols
• Gain explosive and functional muscle mass.
• Join our community of top prospects
"Beginning in June 2018, Jimmy went from 185 lbs to 215 lbs in 6 months, preparing him for his HS senior season.  Making the jump from 89 mph off the mound in June to throwing 95 mph his Spring season, pushed him into the 2nd round of the 2019 MLB Draft." 
Oliver Santos
MLB Draft prospect
"Starting in January of 2021 with a max fastball of 89 mph, 8 months later Oliver touched 94 mph at Jupiter.  A talented LHP, he earned a spot on the USA 17U National Team, as well as being named an Under Armour All American."
Brett baty
Mlb draft 1st rd pick
"Beginning in May 2018, Brett focused heavily on his nutrition and velocity training making huge gains in athleticism over his junior summer.  With a monster high school senior season, he catapulted himself into the 1st round as the 12th pick in the MLB Draft."
The Velocity Supercharge
Training Group
In the summer of 2018, "The Velocity Supercharge" training group was launched with the vision of developing baseball athletes into elite level performers.  Our emphasis is on human metabolism and energetic preparation, natural human movement, and the willingness to follow a path less taken.  We strive to develop outliers, the athletes that redefine high level sports performance.  In the past few years, we've worked extensively with multiple athletes that have become 1st and 2nd round MLB Draft selections, with more currently on that track.  We have many athletes (50+) playing high level collegiate baseball.  Our future is focused on providing the path for dedicated athletes to fulfill their highest potential.

Our training group will teach you how to implement "The Velocity Supercharge" within your current training routine.  Our focus is on nutrition, energy, and explosive natural movement.  We teach you to support high level velocity and recovery.   We cover nutrition, lifestyle, velocity training...and how all of these elements can work together to SUPERCHARGE your performance.

Who this group is for...

  • ​ Athletes wanting to be part of a highly motivated training group.
  • ​ Athletes that can take a plan and execute on it.
  •  Athletes that want to learn how to fulfill their potential.

Who this group is NOT for...

  • ​ This is NOT a one-on-one customized coaching program.  
  • ​If you need someone to hold your hand throughout the process, this isn't for you.
  •  Athletes in need of therapy or rehab.  If you're in pain, seek a qualified therapist/doctor.

What you receive as a member of our training group...

  • ​ Access to The Velocity Supercharge protocols.
  • ​​ A blueprint to gain velocity and explosive muscle.
  •  A nutrition system to supercharge your energy levels.
  •  Access to a community of highly motivated athletes.
  • ​ And much more...