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The Velocity Supercharge 1.0

"Charging the Human Battery"

Maximum velocity output is determined by your ability to SUPPORT that output.  Human beings are electrical in nature and if our 'battery' is low we cannot support maximal performance.  This guide is being written not to teach you anything, but to give you the opportunity to experience and learn for yourself.  Take nothing presented here as truth, but if you so wish to explore the principles set forth then I invite you to experiment and come to your own conclusions.     


Principle #1

Take one maximal velocity stimulus and learn to truly support it.  

20 reps of 30 yard sprints with full recovery between each sprint.

2x per week 


Principle #2

Consume 5000 calories per day to start.  Adjust based on whether you desire to gain or lose weight.  Eat 90% of your foods from the following list.

High velocity foods:

Milk, eggs, quality meat, chicken, seafood, shellfish, fruits, fruit juice, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, butter, yogurt


Principle #3

Sleep 8-10 hours per night.  Go to sleep no later than 10 pm.


Principle #4

Put your bare feet on the grass and stand with good posture for 20+ minutes daily.  Standing grounded allows for your battery to charge as designed.


Principle #5

Watch the sunrise every morning (don't stare at the sun) and get a healthy amount of sun exposure daily.


Principle #6

Limit the use of technology and artificial light once the sun goes down.  Max of 2 hours of screen time per day.


Principle #7

Enjoy life, enjoy the process.  Spend time with friends, family, teammates.  Laugh, love, and work towards your goals with a fire in your soul.




This can be done alongside any program, in-season, off-season...it doesn't matter.  It can also be used as a complete program by itself.



_sprints (2x/week)

_calorie count

_8-10 hrs sleep (10 pm latest)

_standing grounded (20 min daily)

_watch sunrise

_screentime (less than 2 hours)

_fire in your soul