Emerge SLG Elite is a year round athlete development program for baseball hitters.  By stimulating specific neurological and physiological states, we can create and support elite performance throughout a player's career.  We train for power, accuracy, focus and the ability to display these traits at any given time.  Our athletes are trained to efficiently absorb and create maximal force concurrently, resulting in peak performance.


Our initial evaluation includes:
Measurement of exit speed (mph)
-Wooden bat off tee
-Game bat off tee
-Stalker radar

Measurement of bat speed (mph)
60 yard dash speed
-Laser timed

Neurological assessment
-Vagal function
-Signaling efficiency

After an initial assessment is completed, selected players are invited into our athlete development program.
To inquire about an initial evaluation, call Justin Rippy at (512) 769-3625 or send an email to